Sunday, 2 August 2009

The Final programme: Fluxus group show


Saturday, 1st August 2009, 10-12 am

FLUXUS: The Artist as Nomad

Class of Geoffrey Hendricks

10.00 2 inches - Bob Watts

performed by Daniela Muskova, Harriet Poole and Martín Soto

4’ 33” - John Cage

performed by Kathrin Maria Anna Füßl and Adam Wilson

Drip Music – George Brecht

Performed by Constantin Hecker

10.15 Flux Salt - Harriet Poole
10.30 Life Map - Heidi Rohrmoser
10.35 (Hair) Cut Piece – Irene Schüller
10.35 Danger Music #2

hat. rags. paper. heave. shave.

Dick Higgins (May 1961)

performed by Geoffrey Hendricks and Harriet Poole

10.55 Atlas’s Day Off – Adam Wilson
11.00 Uncovering Truth – Martín Soto
11.05 The Asshole – Heidi Rohrmoser

performed with Daniela Muskova

11.20 Uncovering Truth – Martín Soto
11.25 I don’t love you but I love essen

Kathrin Maria Anna Füßl

11.35 Hommage to Joseph - Constantin Hecker
11.45 Uncovering Truth – Martín Soto
11.50 Headstands for Merce Cunningham and John Cage performed by Geoffrey Hendricks, Irene Schüller and Adam Wilson

Gång Sång – Dick Higgins performed by everyone

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