Saturday, 25 July 2009

day five on the course....salt piling up, hiding in the salt pit

here's photos on flickr from today.

I also performed the piece abut my Grandfather again, which I have titled,Why did you do that? I'll remember what we had

Why did you do that? I will remember what we had from harriet poole on Vimeo.

Thanks to Helen Schoene for the photos of my performance, a new idea to me to document within, but this feels right in this context, to see the build up of salt. Helen recorded the essence of it in a frozen moment, being that the photo above speaks everything to me about the piece, the dual narrative of preserving life in salt, holding onto it but also links to the mortality of the body- scattering ashes (Why is this a theme I have come back to?) It was an extremely hard piece for me, made even more so with an audience, not in the dark this time but light, although in a more private corner of the salt pit. Watching it back, I'm noticing the salt pot lid coming off, seeing the salt pile up in front of the frame and the picture disappear.I like the video framing, losing my facial expressions, focusing on the actions with the objects and listening to the music and sounds of the salt. I'm able to see more what other's see/hear/feel in my actions, body language etc, something I haven't previously been able to do. (The private nature of my work as one-to-ones having intimate conversations meaning it is not recorded.) What this might mean for my future practice i'm not thinking about right now, keeping in the fluxus research and play mode.

I am now to flip over and explore the lighter side of life, experimenting with flux games, jokes, puns, bringing salt elements into play and realising I hope, some of my stand up comedy tricks (worlds collide, etc:)

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