Tuesday, 21 July 2009

day two on the course....maps, cupcakes,window antics

Today we had a beautiful re-enactment of George Brecht's drip music by Geoffrey Hendricks, listening to the sound of a metal container filling up, how that changes as its level raises, and also the use of the layers of the space, water falling from a height. we then developed a piece in a pair (here with Irene Sehuelter) exploring sound, space and activity- this was a great way for me to really engage with the tactile and sonic aspects of the space, especially when i often just normally look.
Here's the video that was shot of Irene and mine's piece:

finding a dialogue with the space- initial exercise on Artist as Nomad course from harriet poole on Vimeo.

I then began generating a dialogue between personal maps, geographies and the site.I was working with ideas about 'You are here, but you are not here', events and materials from childhood (wow what a fantastic euroshop in hallein) and making salt cupcakes inspired by my 3 year old nephew Tadhg on a recent trip to Dublin where he enthusiastically and alone filled cup cakes with raw ingredients.....

in the afternoon we watched fluxus videos (artists will come into this blog) and geoffrey's own video and of his apartment in new york- showing to him there is no divide between art and life in fluxus.

my working space. under this pile of euroshop delights is a big brown piece of paper where i am brainstorming, drawing, doodling.....my brain on the page :)

salt filled cupcake case. how about sticking it straight in the salt?

window and movement event. i was investigating each window in a different way; levels of precision, deliberation, speed, and physical contact with the window, and maintaining contact with the walls in between (there is video to post on this) all generating sound and spectacle. this was alongside irene and i moving as a mass round the edges of the space, her movement were ranging from very animalistic navigation, to more controlled and dancer like. i liked the way the outside sound came in as the windows were opened, making it quite a din by the end from the street below.

not here.....
here.... i've always had a fascination with my feet in places ive been, i have a collection of photos from my travels, feet first including the grand canyon, taj mahal....

map of crystal palace as a table cloth

questions today (just a snapshot of the many that i am exploding with ideas about)
  • what's to explore with salt? uses, physical properties, history
  • how to keep true to fluxus manifesto (eg- chance, play, globalism, simplicity, intermedia, specificity, experimentation)
  • playfulness is of particular interest to me- puzzles, games, gags, jokes. i bought an exact copy in euroshop of the snakes and ladders game i had when i was a kid. amazing.
  • how to explore maps. personal, place and space. geographical, memory.
  • art/life blur. fluxus is everything. fluxus box, fluxus puzzle, fluxus concert, fluxus wedding, fluxus funeral, fluxus food. what can this mean for me?
  • how to record? when to video, when to photogaph, when not to? why not? it makes us stop seeing?
more on flickr here

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