Sunday, 19 July 2009

Szpilman award: The Ephemeral moment

This award goes to works that exist only for a short moment in time, could be good for looking at some of the ideas for the Salzburg course in Fluxus scores.

Here's the work of Christopher Richmond, where he chases the horizon based on a written score, "This is a performance of a written score. The score 'Chase the Horizon' can be repeated. The performance lasts as long as the horizon is visible. "

Winner 2008: From the website here


Kamila Szejnoch installs a tiny swing at the monumental bronze 'Berling Army
Soldier' in Warsaw. She suggests a change in the function of the monuments,
attempting to build a bridge between the present and the past, adding a contem-
porary layer distinct from their original style and function. She asks, what a
particular memorial actually refers to and what kind of history it conceals."

the other one i like is this, taken from the website by Sai Hua Kuan, "'Space Drawing', draws a black line through white rooms,in a rapid way."

some things to consider for this course:
  • what do i want to achieve here? moving from a solo practitioner to a collaborative one? nearly a year on from my MA, i need to reflect on where my work is at and to use this course as an opportunity to re-examine and possible redirect
  • what is a score, how to approach and what can it do further for my practice. self and/or others?
  • am i to be moving away from holding true to the ephemeral moment by not recording it, doesn't this contradict everything i do or is this a clean break or just a try-out new direction?
  • what happens to my work when is is recorded, how would it change it, how does photography and film now inform the nature of the work or does it merely document. (as i write this i feel a little nauseous- this exploiting of photography IS me, is it time for a change or just to confirm why i do it.)
  • could i use photographic paper without the need for a darkroom, eg sunprint that dies.
  • who is the audience and how/why/where do they spectate/participate and in what? gallery/street/private recording
  • is there scope for returning to invisible performance work, like in Give me a new look, where I asked shop assistants in Oxford Street, London shops to give me a new look as I was clueless as to what suited me, and used a disposable camera to document the results that then became a story-told installation
  • do i want to consider making an entry for the Szpilman award 2009?

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