Saturday, 25 July 2009

day six on the course: flux salt, dictionary definitions of 'salt' as score for actions in the salt pit

Work in progress of experiments with salt, associations, definitions, proverbs, taken from here and here. This piece is an attempt to explore the humour in fluxus, and into the universal, away from the personal divulgence of the artist's ego- see if I can create a completely different kind of piece to before, maybe using some of the salt concepts i discovered but in a more playful and less painful way.

Flickr see here

Flux salt (Work in progress):

flux salt from harriet poole on Vimeo.

Flux salt two (work in progress):

flux salt two from harriet poole on Vimeo. Thanks to Helen Schoene for being my guinea pig in it and filming Flux one.

The pieces threw up diffferent things- I liked the tone very much, very dark, deadpan, serious, very like my Performative interlude at Apollo Video shop, and I also liked the little confusion in the participant, adding to the atmosphere of ridculousness. Everyone standing in the slat will be a great touch to this piece I hope. However, in playing these videos to another group member, they didn't get the English proverbs at all, they don't translate well, the particulars to German. This raised questions of whether the work is only to be understood by an English-fluent audience...and in effect will lose its sense of being site-specific, an issue i haven't come across before, having only worked in the UK and thus a great test for me. I thought about various other methods, a Comedy translator role, word cards, speech bubbles,and decided in chatting with Helen to go for just giving the phrase and then its English meaning, as given on the web....we'll see how this fares....I'm determined to reach universality in my work here.

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