Saturday, 18 July 2009

day one: travelling to salzburg, my youth hostel move in

hurrah. am just so pleased to be sat in a sweet room with little details that make me smile, after quite frankly the worst ever airport experince involving leaving bag behind and my mad cap behaviour at the check in meaning accidentally putting scissors in my hand luggage not being detected and volunteering them up (what's the security lot doing?)...oh gawd... and then turbulence from hell on the flight, off the plane to 10 degress and pouring rain thinking about the laughable flip flops and sundresses in my suitcase.arrgghhhhh......

looking out the window of the bus. looks very majestic place. this is near the area called Dom.

my room window

the lampshade

the lampshade above a pattern on it which casts a shadow onto the walls.have to take a sunprint trace of this, perhaps for the duration of my time in the room, and not fix it. hmmm, looking forward to seeing it in the morning light.

they knew i was coming. perfectly co-ordinated to hang my dresses:)

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