Wednesday, 29 July 2009

day nine on the course...revising the score

my awful yet wonderful formal outfit, from the flea market in hallein. geoffrey liked the idea of a very formal lady's outfit, in fact he said school marm type outfit ( my total art+life = fluxus in here! i.e. my other teacher identity !) i really love the embroidered flower. it looks quite stereotypically primary school frumpy. i'll need to think about shoes, and flesh coloured tights.

thoughts on the tighter score are thus;


FLUX SALT (a score according to the internet, with demonstrations)

salt: Noun

1. sodium chloride, a white crystalline substance, used for seasoning and preserving food

2. A crystalline solid compound formed from an acid by replacing its hydrogen with a metal

3. Smelling salts.

4. lively wit: his humour added salt to the discussion

5. old salt an experienced sailor

6. a) rub salt into someone's wounds to make an unpleasant situation even worse for someone

b) bath salts a usually perfumed mixture of certain salts added to bath water.

7. salt of the earth a person or people regarded as the finest of their kind

8. take something with a pinch of salt to refuse to believe something is completely true or accurate

salt. (of speech) painful or bitter; "salt scorn"- Shakespeare; "a salt apology"


Among the peasants of the Spanish province of Andalusia the word "salt" is synonymous with gracefulness and charm of manner, and no more endearing or flattering language can be used in addressing a woman, whether wife or sweetheart, than to call her "the salt-box of my love."

The phrase "May you be well salted" is also current as an expression of affectionate regard.


the web addresses to be footnotes. Some to be simply written and not said.

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