Monday, 20 July 2009

day one on the course.... orientatating the ravishing space

Today we started to get to know the incredible space, our home for 2 weeks,which quite simply blew me away. Old industry, technology, layers of nooks and crannies,doors as portals to new worlds within. this is my site-specific investigative dream, y-u-m, a working living studio. We introduced ourselves to each other, and Geoffrey went on a nostalgic fluxus trip with us, retelling old memories, anecdotes, histories.

In pairs, (me with Irene) we created a score for an individual experience exploring sound in the space, throwing salt with eyes closed and barefoot, onto different surfaces. What was really interesting was how differently people responded and how the sound would have changed, how hard they threw it, moving further away from the wall lessoning the volume....

More on flickr here

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