Wednesday, 29 July 2009

reviewing day eight: flux salt scratch performance

  • I really enjoyed doing this, although it was very hard keeping a straight, poker face. i liked the rigid formality i set up in my body/facial gestures/expressions alongside using a clipboard, like to push this further with a costume.
  • the feedback was very positive, people thought it was great. liked the clipboard and clothes brushing down post each action getting me back into lecture mode again.
  • geoffrey said to choregraph it better to make it tighter, arrange the wonderful props I had better, edit out some bits that aren't punchy. consider a whole score posted up/on a card handout, using web addresses as footnotes,perhaps thinking about visual poetry ideas, diagrams, drawing, typographic stylizing. on the other hand, as its a score form the internet, could simply make it plain times new roman font, adds to the formality.
  • could lose one of the pieces that uses signs- you get it enough with one
  • could up the pace more between phrases, lose some of the words
  • on the video, the end and start points are good to contextualise the piece, perhaps consider whether the audience sees this?
  • enjoy the camera person being part of it or should try impartiality more?
  • i liked the fact that people didn't know where to stand and shifted away nervously when if they realised i was to be standing near them.possible use hand signals to move the audience?
  • possible use of signs around the space, some people might not like salt being poured on them.WARNING: salt is used in this performance. or WARNING this performance contains salt.? maybe not to use the brown paper with holes in it, and for rub salt into the wound, actually rub salt on the body.
  • boat part was especially hilarious.maybe bigger sail. think about maybe a sailors hat which then becomes the shower cap for the bath salts.
  • lose some parts that are similiar. want to get it down to max 15 mins.
  • pick the people carefully. some people won't want to get salt in their hair/do silly the event they don't, maybe just shrug shoulders and pick someone else until the action is done?

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